Operational Resilience: opportunities & threats, old and new, for today's Delegated Authority 

Regulators (FCA, PRA and The Bank of England) introduced the concept of ‘resilience’ back in December 2019, with their joint Consultation Papers on Operational Resilience. It remains a theme to be unpacked, understood and acted upon – both for the ‘here and now’, and for that ‘day after tomorrow’ that Growth Resilient firms must routinely consider.

GreenKite’s Growth Resilience & Everyday Excellence webinar series aims to ask and answer questions such as:

  • Are the 2020s materially different in working out what matters for Resilience?
  • How should firms define and go about achieving Resilience?
  • What does a rigorous, growth-enabling Business Resilience Strategy look like in a post-pandemic world?

Growth, Resilience & Everyday Excellence in Insurance

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