Operational Resilience: opportunities & threats, old and new, for today's Delegated Authority 

Regulators (FCA, PRA and The Bank of England) introduced the concept of ‘resilience’ back in December 2019, with their joint Consultation Papers on Operational Resilience. It remains a theme to be unpacked, understood and acted upon – both for the ‘here and now’, and for that ‘day after tomorrow’ that Growth Resilient firms must routinely consider.

GreenKite’s Growth Resilience & Everyday Excellence webinar series aims to ask and answer questions such as:

  • Are the 2020s materially different in working out what matters for Resilience?
  • How should firms define and go about achieving Resilience?
  • What does a rigorous, growth-enabling Business Resilience Strategy look like in a post-pandemic world?

Join our Webinar

Our fourth Operational Resilience Webinar tackles how People – or Human Capital, or ‘a firm’s greatest asset’ fits into the Operational Resilience ‘jigsaw’, for Insurance as employers and as risk managers for customer.

  • Discover how far has Covid has stimulated changed attitudes and actions in Insurance firms on longstanding issues such as Diversity & Inclusion, talent gaps, and reskilling/upskilling?
  • Find out if the urgency around working out the Future of Work will last?

Get the experts’ view

We’re bringing together 4 panellists, all experts but from different perspectives, to work out what ‘People Resilience’ means for Insurance in the 2020s – as employers and resilient businesses, and as specialists offering support to our customers.

Who should attend?

  • Leaders, Board members and INEDs responsible for determining firm-wide policy, process and practice on Operational Resilience and People
  • HRDs and other colleagues responsible for shaping Talent, Future of Work, employee engagement, M&A integration and more
  • Risk and Compliance experts seeking insight on the range of People Resilience risks and including evolving standards and legislation impacting supply chain e.g. Child Labour
  • All those inside Insurance influencing and working for the best colleague experience for Insurance firms
  • All Insurance and London Market professionals interested in the range of issues, whatever their function, job-role, coverage or specialty area

In just 45 minutes of lively, expert debate you’ll receive the information you need to start your journey towards People Resilience.

And you‘ll have the chance to put your questions to our expert panel.

We’ll be looking at 4 main themes:

(1) Insurance’s relationship and ‘offer’ to colleagues & Talent: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion steps forward and key challenge areas for how we recruit, onboard, manage, promote and retain the range of ‘ways of being humans’ and what that means for organisational priorities, capabilities and ambitions to be ’employer of choice’ and ‘customer first’.

(2) Real-world experience of an Insurance leader: what are the issues on the to-do list? What are the obstacles to change? Has Covid (still) moved this (along with everything else) to one side? Or has it increased urgency around the ‘Future of Work’? Where does the firm’s People Resilience sit on the Board (and other stakeholder) priorities?

(3) The practical ‘here-and-now’ issues we see in firms everyday – from SM&CR, to developing employment models post-Covid, to the re-shaping requirements of Executive Development and the impacts of not sufficiently prioritising People Resilience in M&A integration.

(4) Insurance & evolving legislation & standards in Human Trafficking, Child Labour & Modern Slavery: what do we need to know and how does this affect risk pricing, mitigation and management in the supply chain, our own and customers’?

Your Speakers


Paul Leach, GreenKite People & Performance Lead
Johnny Timpson, Co-founder and Chair of GAIN, Member, Financial Services Consumer Panel
Colleen Theron, Founding CEO, Ardea
Claire McDonald, UK & Ireland MD, HDI
Shan Millie, Founder and Customer & Innovation Lead, GreenKite

Paul Leach
People & Performance Lead
GreenKite Associates

Johnny Timpson
Co-founder & Chair of GAIN, Member – Financial Services Consumer Panel

Colleen Theron
Founding CEO

Claire McDonald
UK & Ireland MD

Shân Millie
Innovation & Customer Lead
GreenKite Associates

Paul is a Human Resources, Organisational Development Consultant & Portfolio HR Director. Focused on the bottom line, he delivers pragmatic, commercially driven HR solutions.

Hands on when necessary, but with a passion for delivering sustainable business performance

With 40 years insurance industry experience across all key product lines, functions and distribution models. Johnny is the Cabinet Office Disability and Access Ambassador for the Insurance and Banking Sectors plus Access To Insurance Working Group Chair. He is a member of both the Prime Ministers Champion Group for Dementia Communities and the Financial Services Consumer Panel plus has Cii and VRA UK advisory roles. Johnny is a member of GAIN, the Building Resilient Households Group, the IIL Diversity and Inclusion Committee, the IFoA Mental Health Working Group and BIBA Access To Insurance Committee. ​

Biog coming soon

Biog coming soon

Shân is an expert in practical Innovation & Growth for corporate intrapreneurs and leaders. Focussed on Insurance, Technology,  & Business StoryTelling, she is a published author, specialist facilitator, speaker & advisor. With 28 years of senior corporate leadership prior to going independent, she has real-life experience of growing, leading and failing in business. 

Growth, Resilience & Everyday Excellence in Insurance

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