2024 – What is on the table for compliance?

Welcome to GreenKite’s first Ask the Expert podcast! In this episode, we have GreenKite’s experts Sara Ager, CEO, and Claire Carpenter, Assurance Principal, talking about current market trends, Consumer Duty, value measures league tables, and how the FCA’s interventions are reshaping the market and what it means for companies like yours.  

 Gain insights into:  

  • Identifying products and classes of interest to the FCA 
  • Understanding the importance of fair value assessments 
  • Dealing with regulatory scrutiny  
  • How being proactive can help you avoid regulatory pitfalls 


Don’t miss out as we talk about data accuracy, communication testing, and the future of motor finance. Tune in now and listen to this episode that sheds light on the latest regulatory trends and challenges facing the industry.  

 You can listen to the episode here or watch the recording here. 

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