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GreenKite is a bold, independent insurance consultancy that delivers real value to our clients, people, and partners. Our expertise is in delivering tailored advisory services and hands-on support to businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to large enterprises. 

We specialise in three business areas: 

  • Compliance and assurance
  • Business support services
  • Project support services


We connect across various business functions, offering specialised support to ensure the smooth integration of changes and meticulous project management.


GreenKite Compliance And Assurance

GreenKite provides comprehensive support to navigate the regulatory landscape with confidence. Our offering spans partnership due diligence, policy rollout, FCA compliance, governance reviews, and customer experience evaluations, ensuring meticulous adherence to industry standards. With additional expertise in strategic planning and bespoke training, we empower your business to manage regulatory demands effectively and maintain operational excellence.

We provide a range of services:

  • Regulatory advice and reporting
  • Governance and assurance
  • Customer experience and compliance reviews

As part of our compliance and assurance offering, we have created GreenKite Protect – a tailored compliance package to meet your business needs.

GreenKite Protect

We created a tailored compliance package to meet your business needs. A reliable resource, ensuring confidence, security, and peace of mind in an ever-evolving landscape.


  • Annual business health check
  • Compliance monitoring plan
  • Virtual compliance assistance
  • Monthly horizon scanning
  • E-alerts
  • Core policies

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If you are keen to explore the potential benefits of GreenKite Protect for your business and to ensure you remain compliant with the regulations within your sector, please get in touch. Our dedicated team is here to answer any queries you may have.

Claire Carpenter

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GreenKite Business Support

GreenKite delivers targeted business support to enhance your long-term resilience and success. Our deep market insights, strategic planning and organisational support strengthen your operations, streamline burdensome regulation, and improve efficiency. We pride ourselves on navigating market and regulatory complexities, helping you to position your business ahead of the curve, and ensuring readiness and strategic advantage for the future. 

 Some of our services:

  • Strategic planning and organisational support
  • Product and service governance
  • Operational efficiency and process management
  • Compliance consultancy and support
  • Consumer Duty assurance and support
  • Fair value benchmarks and reviews of fees and commissions
  • Risk management
  • Resource augmentation

GreenKite Project Support

GreenKite’s project support services deliver strategic oversight, process optimisation and delivery capability for your business. We ensure projects align with goals, milestones are efficiently met, and performance is sustained. Our end-to-end service suite covers project start-up, business function redesign, process efficiency, and vendor management, all tailored to enhance your operational agility and risk management.

Some of our services:

  • Project recovery
  • Project/programme start-up and design
  • End-to-end business function re-design
  • Individual process re-design and outsourcing
  • Delegated authority transformation
  • System implementation and data management

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