All you need is a chance to prove yourself!

GreenKite are a growing team and we want to give you a ‘human-scale’ view of our journey as a scaling firm through the individual voices of the People who make GreenKite who (and what) we are. In our very first Life @GreenKite read how Gemma Curry sees her role in the team as a Returning Mum. As she says: all you need is a chance to prove yourself!

Having given up my career 14 years’ ago to become a mum, the thought of returning to any kind of rewarding work seemed impossible.  Who is going to employ me now? Just talking to other parents at the school gates you get the impression that so many people feel the same way, left on the shelf.  Don’t get me wrong: chairing the School PTA was rewarding but I knew I still had a lot to offer that wasn’t just organising the school disco or attempting to make the best cakes.  The question was, how I could get back into the world of work? 

An opportunity arose to join a virtual PA company. I signed up and after a couple of months, the position at GreenKite became available.  I had a telephone interview with the CEO and Chair, they explained the role and outlined GreenKite’s values and eagerness to help people return to work in a flexible manner.  They completely put me at ease, and I was taken on as an outsourced Executive Assistant in March 2020. 

After working virtually through the Covid pandemic, and probably one of the most challenging periods for so many businesses, I have come out the other side and have now been employed by GreenKite directly.   

I am the Executive Assistant to the CEO and Chair of GreenKite.  I work with the whole GK team on Business Development, Strategic Marketing, Operations & Client Delivery.  My role is really varied, which I love – one minute I can be running a webinar, creating marketing graphics and analysing data in our CRM then next I’m managing diaries, liaising with clients, working on RFPs or pulling information together for a Board Meeting.  The list goes on!   

GreenKite has given me the opportunity to get back into the workplace, they have supported my journey from the beginning giving me the opportunity to prove to myself that I did still have a lot to give.   

GK live their values to unlock the potential in people and understand that it’s the people who are the enablers of growth to any business.   

Don’t sit on the shelf – get back out there and prove yourself! 

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