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Join our free Webinar for 45 minutes of expert, informed debate to unpack and understand what Consumer Duty means to YOU.

The new Consumer Duty final rules are expected by 29 July 2022, and full implementation by 30 April 2023. Whilst differing in the detail of impact, gaps and priorities, commentators across the sector agree that this is a hugely-significant development for retail Delegated Authority firms – and their partners, principals and capacity. The FCA itself has described Consumer Duty as a “paradigm shift in its expectations”: it’s reasonable to anticipate equally impactful regulatory interventions in due course. 

GreenKite asks:  

  • Should Delegated Authority firms see Consumer Duty as a blocker or a driver for Innovation?  
  • Is this a huge opportunity for nimble firms to lead the way in operationalising customer focus – or not?  
  • Where are the risks and opportunities for (1) Product Design, (2) Communications, (3) Customer Service, (4) Price and Value?  
  • Is this where Compliance’s role as essential partner for growth (finally) becomes indisputable?  


Debating these questions and more are our expert panel: 

Claire Carpenter A senior compliance consultant specialising in large regulatory change projects, Claire has a unique depth and breadth of regulatory knowledge gained through practical industry experience with roles such as Head of Compliance/Conduct with General and Lloyd’s insurers, MGAs and insurance intermediaries. Claire is also a GreenKite Associate. 

Vicki Heslop Award-winning Director of Customer Experience at Covéa Insurance, where she is responsible for driving the strategy, planning and execution of Covéa Insurance’s Vision to be the UK’s most trusted insurer. Under her leadership, Covéa were also recently awarded Best Customer-Centric Culture at the UK Customer Service Excellence Awards. 

Shân Millie – Chair, Shân is an expert in FinTech; Digitalisation, AI/ML & Digital Governance; & ESG, especially as it impacts firms, leaders & their Customer. She is a GreenKite co-founder, & leads on Innovation & Customer for us. 

Johnny Timpson OBE Principal, Johnny Timpson Consulting, Non-Exec Chair, Absolute Military, Financial Inclusion Commissioner, co-founder of GAIN – the Group for Autism, Insurance, Investment and Neurodiversity. Johnny is an active sector connector & change-maker with numerous advisory roles inside and outside of Insurance & Protection.  

Who Should attend 

  • Functional Heads & professionals working in Product Design, Underwriting, Governance, Compliance, Distribution & Sales, CX, Claims & Customer Service 
  • Professionals responsible for designing, implementing and/or procuring Digital Marketing, Social Media campaigns & Omnichannel  
  • Commercial SME Insurance professionals needing to know what Consumer Duty means to YOU 
  • NEDs, Board Members and others needing to understand practical implications and forward-looking strategic issues for Governance & Risk 

Come and share your experiences, questions and thoughts with us – or just tune in and listen to learn! 

Q: How many non-firm specific employee networks do you think there are in (Re)Insurance?

A: We count 11 at least!

Here’s our list: 

  1. iCAN – The Insurance Cultural Awareness Network
  2. GIN – Gender Inclusion Network
  3. LINK – LGBT Network – 
  4. IFN – Insurance Families Network
  5. iDAWN – Insurance Disability, Ability & Wellbeing Network
  6. NGIN – Next Generation Insurance Network
  7. ACIN – African Caribbean Insurance Network
  8. TWIN – The Women’s Insurance Network 
  9. GAIN – Group for Autism, Insurance, Investment and Neurodiversity
  10. iWIN – The Network for Independent Women in Insurance…
  11. MRIA – Multicultural (Re)Insurance Association — A Platform for Unification! Power grows when it is shared so come join our table! 


There’s a lot going on at the grass-roots, crossing firm, business line & technical divides. There is so much to be understood and learnt about how these purposeful, volunteer activists, advocates & changemakers  frame their arguments with the status quo as well as make things happen! In this NEW webinar from GreenKite, we’ll be discussing grassroots networks in Insurance as activists for #DEI #workplaceculture #recruitment #professional development – more.

  • Who are they – and who are they FOR?
  • Where did they come from?
  • What have they achieved?
  • How do they do what they do — and is collaboration with each other part of the plan?
  • What’s their take on the Great Resignation?  
  • What kind of support are they asking for of leaders, firms and the sector — and are they getting it?
  • How effective are they as routes to positive change?


Come and share your experiences, questions and thoughts with us – or just tune in and listen to learn!


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